2014 Demo EP

by The 63 Fremonts

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Circle J The more I listen to this EP the more i like it. Harry Truman (The Curmudgeon) great song topic. Favorite track: Invitation To Rock.
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Our first studio recording!


released June 23, 2014

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Caravan Recordings @ The Information Warehouse in Portland, OR. www.facebook.com/caravanrecordings



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The 63 Fremonts Portland, Oregon

The 63 Fremonts is a direct descendant of the Rönster rock and roll band. Rönster's singer moved away, and after some musical chairs and new blood, the fresh line-up began to hone in on their sound: a volatile mix of 70's and 80's hard rock combined with a heavy modern edge. Put it in, roll 'em down, crank it up. ... more

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Track Name: Invitation To Rock
You've been working hard all week, you've been under the gun. Feels like a wasted life, you can't wait till it's done. You know there's got to be more than this, the bills the rent the push to consume. Well, tonight set aside your life, we've got somethin for you. We ask you to join with us and grab yourself a brew. It's time we brought you here, cause we're doing this for you. Now you find yourself unemployed, ain't got no money to spend. You're finding life is hard to live when you ain't making those ends. You know there's got to be more than this, getting screwed after paying your dues. We invite you to rock with us, now you're part of the crew. Stand up and don't hold back, we're doing this for every last one of you. You're in a fucked up relationship, and the end is near. What was good is now so bad, you're drowning in your beer, well. You know there's got to me more than this, you give and give but then you just end up getting fooled.
Track Name: Hammer Strike
Restless in the night, preparations for the fight, a clear sky on a moonless night, sets the stage for the hammer strike. Blood racing as we bide our time, can't leave fate to the dice, with our way of life on the line. We've stayed quiet too long, now the still are a teeming throng. The day has come and gone, when you decide right and wrong. You think us weak? Soon, you'll see us strong. When it's said and done, we'll sing our victory song. Livin for today, don't get in our way. Reaching for the sky, we ain't afraid to die. Holding back, hanging tight, 'till we see the whites of your eyes. Ground begins to rumble, dust begins to rise, fear fades and muscles tense as the stars align. Can't hold back, time to fly, now say your final goodbye. Livin our way, don't care what you say, the wrong have no right, we take control tonight.
Track Name: Man Of Indecision
My frustration is hitting new heights, can't sleep been up all night. The bottom has fallen out, I'm overcome and full of doubt. It's pathetic but oh so true, plenty of options not sure what to do. I can't reach out to you, you don't give a sh*t you don't have a clue. As my life unfolds I am less clear where to go. When it's time for action, I'm stuck in the land of indecision. It's predictable as the weather, whether I can put it all together. When you need a plan of action, I am the man of indecision. Some move on without hesitation, living with no regrets or reservations. They don't know what I'm going through, can't understand why I can't choose between all the forks in this long road, oh god which way should I go. And the waves keep coming unbound, maybe I let the water hold me down. Yes, no, stop, go, flee, fight, live, die, fast, slow, high, low. I just don't know, so could you put a blindfold on me and decide for me.
Track Name: The Curmudgeon
Harry Truman, Mt. St. Helens, sixteen cats, eruption